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The 10 Best Chinese New Year Shoes for the Holiday Season

You are probably among those who believe that Chinese New Year shoes are brand new and that they have only recently entered the footwear industry. Well, the unique-looking shoes have actually been in the industry for over a decade now.

Because of their colorful and intriguing designs, the Chinese New Year (CNY) shoes have been successfully glimpsed by big brands such as Adidas and Nike. For example, Adidas has managed to create the CNY Adidas shoes with the festival’s designs with huge success.

Online Recommendations for the Top 10 Adidas CNY Shoes

When it comes to CNY sneakers, people admire and love their aesthetic diversity. With 12 different Chinese Zodiac signs, the designs for each shoe are so varied that you never know what you will get.

If you want to celebrate the colorful holiday with style, take a look at the following list of Adidas’ Chinese New Year sneaker recommendations. Let’s take a look!

1. Chinese New Year Ultra Boost Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

The Chinese New Year is synonymous with red. To create a unique pair of shoes, Adidas came up with the idea of adding the red color in style. These shoes come with an upper that features thicker woven Primeknit with the “CNY” print on it. While the cage overlay and heel appear in black, the white Boost midsole wraps around the design.

2. Adidas’ White CNY Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

The unique thing about these sneakers has to be their material, which is made with fabric and synthetic. People might see that these are just a regular pair of white shoes. However, they will be surprised at the red element or effect when they see the back of the shoes.

3. Adidas’ Original CNY Training Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

These sneakers are definitely the ones if you’re looking for a different shoe combination. While they are 100 percent synthetic, their upper material is made of leather. The soles also come in leather, and the insoles have Chinese New Year elements.

4. Adidas’ Original Tubular CNY Men’s Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

Training while wearing these shoes has to be a fun experience. The shoes are made with synthetic textile; they come with rubber soles, and their cream soles are super thick. One of the best things about these shoes is the cool details, not to mention the fashionable appearance.

5. Adidas’ Kids CNY Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

Talking about Chinese New Year shoes is incomplete without including these kids’ sneakers. Your kids will definitely love these sneakers because of the cool designs and great color combination. To give you an idea, you can match them with Adidas’ Chinese New Year jacket or t-shirt.

6. Adidas’ Men’s CNY Basketball Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

Wearing Ultra Boost Chinese New Year sneakers means you are stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s because these shoes are designed with such detail and uniqueness. From the details, the color combination, the Chinese elements, and the shape, everything just feels right.

7. Adidas’ CNY Solar Hu Glide x Pharrell Williams Running Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year with love and joy than with your favorite color? These black and red sneakers are the perfect option for you. While the design is different, the shoes can fit any outfit, like your favorite Adidas jacket.

8. Adidas’ Tubular Doom CNY Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

Since 2016, these Tubular Doom sneakers have been a favorite. They are known for their hot red color with cool detailing. The sneakers are made with leather or mesh, and they come with leather soles. Other than red, these sneakers also have cream and gold metallic colors.

9. Adidas’ Tubular CNY Running Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

They might be a bit different from the CNY Ultraboost sneakers, but these good-looking sneakers need your attention. When talking about the colors, these sneakers are similar to the Adidas’ Tubular Doom CNY Sneakers. However, the design is completely different and has its own uniqueness.

10. Adidas’ Pharrell x Crazy BYW CNY Sneakers

Chinese New Year Shoes

These sneakers look nothing like the other nine sneakers we have mentioned earlier. The color combination itself will turn heads right away the moment people see them. While the colors are brave, the sole and the whole design are totally special. These sneakers are great for those who love experimenting with new things.

Chinese New Year shoes are all about being brave and getting out of your comfort zone. They are created with smart ideas and so much dedication. While comfort is among the most important things about these shoes, they are also designed for all the unique selves out there.

The fact that they have a variety of options is just exciting. This way, you can select the Adidas Chinese New Year Sneakers that best suit your personality. We hope that this article helps and can be your source to find your favorite Chinese New York sneakers.