Ado Ultra Boost for Your Daily Comfort

As we know, Adidas Ultraboost is the first running shoe that became so popular in the high-fashion world and among runners. Adidas, the badge of sport, has their shoes line called Ado Ultra Boost.

They are the “it” running shoes that are very popular in streetwear style. They accentuated their stylish design but didn’t forget about the durability and comfortability.

This is what makes the Ado Ultraboost a very comfortable everyday sneaker. Let’s talk about one of their best products, the Adidas Ado Ultra Boost Day One.

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Ado Ultra Boost was released in May 2017. It is an adidas Consortium variation of the Day One Ultra Boost. As usual, adidas is known for its boost that elevates the comfort of the user.

It also has the prime knit style as usual, but the look is a bit different. This Ado ZG Boost Day One is equipped with a black Continental rubber outsole, premium suede on the tongue, and an elastic mid-foot strap. Not to say the usual midsole with full-length boost cushioning is not being left behind.

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Their changes in look are for comfort boosters. The elastic mid-foot strap is to give lockdown support, while the redesigned heel cage is to enhance breathability.

They also add premium suede on the tongue and heel tabs. The color is a tonal mix of Clear Brown, Light Brown, and Black, with three-stripe branding on the toe’s medial side. It is a pity that these sneakers only come in men’s size.

Surely, Adidas is at the top when it comes to streetwear style. This Ado Ultra Boost proves to be another successful daily comfort shoe. This shoe line is so in-demand for both men and women around the world. So, don’t be the one left behind and go grab one in any available store!