Casual and Comfy with Pharrell x NMD Human Race

Humanrace is a collaboration between Adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams. In December 2015, Adidas Originals announced the NMD line, short for Nomad. As expected, Pharrell x NMD Human Race was an instant hit.

It’s mainly because of the low-key aesthetic color as they combine past design concepts with new technology. The NMD is super comfortable due to the best mix of materials and high-quality workmanship.

As we all know, the adidas NMD is a highly sought-after sneaker, with the forever-comfort boost from the top brand Adidas. With Pharrell to collaborate with, surely there are many ranges of colors to anticipate.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Yellow

The yellow human race shoes is accentuated with black on the midsole and on the lettering “HUMAN RACE” embroidered in the center.

The vibrant yellow is equipped with mesh that makes it look both classy and casual.

It is the most in-demand shoes in the series as it really enhances the casual streetwear vibe.

It has a unique lace system that makes the wearer seem carefree, fresh, and clean. The yellow color is the new hottest trend in casual footwear.

It’s suitable for young and contemporary customers to look more fashionable. Moreover, this color fits in any weather, which gives people more reasons to buy it.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Bold Gold Yellow

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Bold Gold Yellow

Similar to Human Race Yellow, this variant is also dominated by yellow. The difference is, this Bold Gold / Bold Yellow variant has a more dominant yellow color.

Wrapped in yellow to the soles, only the inside and the ankle are black.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Bold Gold Yellow

What is unique about the variant, which was released in November 2020, is the writing on it uses Hindi letters, which if translated means “Human Race”.

Pharrell x NMD Bold Gold is perfect for young people who like to express themselves, are confident, and want to be the center of attention.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Black

Adidas Human Race Black is also one of the most sought after as both collectibles and casual wear.

In contrast to the yellow color, this pharrell x NMD Human Race Black only has one yellow part in the laces, as the rest of the shoe is black. Even the words are written in black.

It is a whole Primeknit on the upper foot and also contains white boost, black bumpers, and white outsoles. With black shoes, you can wear any kind of clothing; casual, streetwear, or even formal.

Black is a versatile and neutral color. Moreover, black will make the wearer look more attractive and confident.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Green

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This is another attractive color from the Pharrell x NMD Human Race series. For these green human races, it has green Primeknit uppers with white embroidered triangles equipped with the words ‘HU’ on both feet.

It also includes a black foot cage, white Boost midsoles, black bumpers, and a white outsole. This green shoe is perfect for casual wear for a light walk. This one gives you a pop of color, and it could brighten up your outfit.

Moreover, this kind of color is suitable for all genders and all ages. It gives a fun, casual look. You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time with these shoes.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Sharp Blue

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Sharp Blue

Another Human Race product to go! These blue human races feature a bright blue mesh with the cage and laces that add originality. The words “Human Being” are written on the upper part of the shoe.

Pharrell x NMD Human Race Sharp Blue

Similar to other products in the series, it has a black foot cage, white Boost midsoles, black bumpers, and a white outsole.

This sharp blue color gives you a trendy and lively impression, so it’s suitable for youngster or those of you who want to look youthful. Moreover, this blue color also gives you a more fun and livelier yet relaxed and attractive look.

Adidas NMD Hu Green Plaid

As one of adidas Pharrell William’s products, this shoe also hits big time. It was released on May 3, 2019. The BBC x Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu “Green Plaid” is one of two colorways of the popular silhouette by Pharrell Williams released in conjunction with Billionaire Boys Club featuring a plaid graphic.

The plaid pattern is in green and black. It also has “HEART” and “MIND” embroidered in white color across the top of each foot. The mid-panel features a tan leather Swoosh and the collar has a tan “Wings” logo dot.

NMD Solar Pack Red

The Pharrell x NMD Human Race shoe was released on August 18, 2018. The yellow and red rubber sole color of this human race NMD shoe gives it a tribal vibe. The East African-inspired pack features Primeknit uppers, just like any other human race shoes. Other details include a bead graphic around the ankle collar to address the African heritage. This collection has “3MPOW3R” and “1N5P1RE” embroidered in black on top of each shoe.

Human Race NMD Trail Sun Glow

The “Sun Glow” from the Adidas NMD Human Race Trail pack was released as a part of a hiking collection in November 2017. It has a lightweight teal Primeknit construction and a stabilizing yellow lace cage. It also has “MOON” and “CLOUDS” text over the Primeknit uppers. The full-length boost midsole and sawtooth pattern outsole will make you comfortable and safe for any hike.

Adidas NMD Hu Dash Green

Released on October 25, 2020, this dash green NMD Human Race has an underlaid white padded fabric beneath the net-like green Primeknit upper. The Pharrell x NMD Human Race dash green has ‘Human Race’ characters written in Korean. The wraparound laces make this shoe casual and unique. A full-length Boost midsole with a “sand” hue provides cushioning to raise your comfort and also low-profile at the same time. It also gives you a vintage appearance.

Adidas NMD Hu Trail “Holi” Pink Glow

This pack is inspired by the Indian Festival of Colors. The Pink Glow brings the color of the festival to life and makes you feel its liveliness. The upper is a knitted mesh with a powder dye finish. The tie-dye effect blends the color of light pink, purple, green, and blue. This shoe also features a white Boost midsole and a black trail rubber outsole to make the colors stand out.

Adidas NMD Hu BBC X Pharrell – Plaid Pack – Pink

The Pharrell x NMD Human Race is a special edition that was made in collaboration with the Billionaire Boys Club. This is a highly exclusive edition that is also the most sought-after shoe. It features a pink and navy striped mesh upper with “HEART” and “MIND” Chinese characters embroidered across the upper. The white-striped wraparound lace completes the colorful look.

Adidas NMD Hu BBC X Pharrell – Plaid Pack – Blue

This shoe was released in May 2019. It has unique colorways that come with a blue upper plus black plaid, white midsole featuring black accents, and a black sole. It also has a full-length boost midsole to provide extra comfort. Bold “HEART” and “MIND” text is embroidered in white across the textile upper like the usual Pharrell fashion.

Adidas NMD Hu BBC X Pharrell – Plaid Pack – Multi Color

This shoe has a multicolor upper, white midsole with blue accents, and a black sole. The Primeknit upper makes it stretchy and breathable. It is also embroidered with ‘HEART’ and ‘MIND’ like any other NMD Hu line up. A full-length boost midsole is also available for additional comfort. With its unusual mix of color, this shoe will surely show your unique charm.

With these variants of color, surely the Pharrell x NMD Human Race series is included among the most sought-after shoes in the world. You can choose shoe colors that fit your images.

Apart from these exotic colors, surely adidas didn’t forget the comfort part as they all have a boost that makes the shoes light and bouncy. So, go ahead and choose your human race colors right now!